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Month: November 2020

Basic Limousine Riding Etiquette to Follow

When you hire a limo service, both the limo and the chauffeur work together to provide you with the best possible limo service on your special occasions. However, there are certain limousine riding etiquette that you’ll have to follow while inside a limo. Fortunately, all the basic limousine etiquette are super easy to follow, and you can easily make a good impression by following them.

Below mentioned are some simple limo etiquette to follow. As a general rule of thumb, you can try being respectful.

Limo Service

Show Some Respect to The Driver

You should show some respect to your limo driver. You shouldn’t distract them, yell at them, or ask them to do anything illegal. You shouldn’t blame the driver for anything, and should contact the limo service immediately if you have any issues with your driver. If you keep distracting and agitating the driver, he won’t be able to concentrate on driving and navigating through the thick city traffic.

While you can talk to your chauffeur for a while, don’t expect him to strike a conversation with you. They are tasked with driving you to your destination without any distractions.

Take Care of The Limo

While it is your right to enjoy the rented limo to the fullest, but you should treat your limo even better than your own car. Try your best to not damage anything inside the limo, if you don’t know how to use a certain feature, you can simply ask the chauffeur.

Always Tip The Driver

We recommend 20% of the total rental amount as the standard tip to your driver. However, keep in mind that some limo service providers include the tip in the bill. So, confirm this before tipping the chauffeur of any Metro detroit limousine service. You shouldn’t tip if you aren’t satisfied with the service, and should make the limo service aware of any issues.

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