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A step towards a greener tomorrow

As you know there is an endless number of energy management solutions that are available for campuses in Hong Kong. It does not matter whether your campus is in a single building or is made of multiple buildings as making your green campus can start with one of our many products like carbon audit.

This will present you with the reports that will contain potential mitigation methods for decreasing the campus carbon footprint. Each campus energy control system is effective such as smart sensor automation, a cloud-based intuitive dashboard for monitoring energy, and then saving it to panoramic power which is a good solution for measuring the utilization of energy in different rooms over a span of time.

Alternative energy management solutions are also being offered such as solar canvas which displays the effects of your campus energy-saving solution. Some other solutions such as element IAQ monitor can help in improving the air quality of indoors with the help of smart sensors that can detect pollutants. Its smart integration can easily generate fresh air that makes the environment healthier and safer in which you will feel comfortable and productive.

With the help of the user-friendly cloud-based interface, you can easily gain access to environmental statistics.  By utilizing this data the system can automatically adjust air conditioning systems, lighting and provides data on air quality. This type of smart working allows each and everyone on the campus to live in an eco-friendly environment.


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