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Do it yourself cardboard pom manufacturer

How to make a DIY cardboard Pom maker

You will certainly need:

  • Scrap cardboard the thicker and more powerful the better
  • Yarn I have located the extremely thick, chunky yarn works terrific for the large sized pom poms and also the finer thread works best for the little size however there are no actual guidelines right here
  • Scissors sharp scissors are a must for reducing and trimming
  • Pom manufacturer layout to get the tiny, tool and huge pom manufacturers optional you can see from the photos that have actually approximately reduced the pom manufacturer’s free hand; however in the video clip have used the theme and check out here

pom manufacturer

Obtain the pom maker design template.

  • Obtain the cost-free printable DIY pom maker theme delivered to your inbox by entering your name and also email address in the rooms offered.
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  • The very best feature of this technique is that is SO quick you can churn pom poms out in no time in all say goodbye to troublesome round disc. My youngsters struggle with the part where a knot needs to be connected extremely firmly that is the trickiest feature of this craft, so when they make pom poms they require help because area however that is all, it truly is extremely, extremely simple Make soft, cosy pom poms utilizing this DIY cardboard pom maker Materials.
    • Scrap cardboard.


 Sharp scissors


  • Cut out the template size for the pom you wish to use, map the shape onto cardboard and cut it out. The layout is provided to you by means of e-mail totally free when you enter your information in the space supplied.
  • Cover thread around the side of the design template that has a space in the center up until you have a plump lump of it.
  • While the thread is wrapped around your pom maker link it securely in the middle.
  • Move it off the end, transform it over and also connect it firmly on the opposite side.
  • Cut the looped ends of the yarn making use of sharp scissors.
  • You now have an untidy looking pom pom, hold it over a piece of paper and trim the shaggy components so it behaves and round-looking. The paper catches the trimmings for an easier tidy up.

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