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Factors to Consider in Wan Chai Hot Desking

What are the factors that should be considered when looking at hot desking? This paper examines the definition and variables involved in this form of working model.

For what Reason if I consider hot desking?

  • Most office desks have been utilized 60% of a Working day, with 4 hours being the maximum time an individual is most likely going to possess a chair continuously.
  • The cost of providing a desk in Central London is 20k each year.

So we can See that if a company is seeking to expand or can decrease accommodation costs, hot desking provides real savings.

Disaster recuperation Planning

hot desk wan chai Can be a highly effective part of a DR plan, since the area necessary for emergency accommodation can be general and will not require a great deal of time to setup. On the off chance that the DR program is run on a ‘hot desking’ basis, prices can be reduced as your employees would not need a dedicated desk, reducing the amount of seats required and increasing the use of their desks to more key staff.

What styles Of hot desking can be found?

Two styles are possible, which can be used together or all alone;

  • Traditional – Desks at a standard Configuration, with storage locations. Printers/fax/copier services offered to desking area.

What do I need in a hot desking area?

As a guide These areas would should be considered;

  • Computer services – Ability to Interface notebook (data institution, power institution) or PC.
  • Telecommunications – Telephone Services, which might be allocated by the user logging on to the computer terminal or services.
  • Office services – Copier, printer, Scanner and so forth
  • Work area – Function area for non-computer based work.
  • Storage and filling places – Private shared or storage facilities.
  • Meeting area – For team or customer meetings.
  • Facilities – Toilet areas, beverage or food vending.
  • Booking system – A secretary or On line centers to check availability and reserve desks or meeting rooms.


It is Recommended that a brief research is commissioned to take a gander at possible Within the hotel pass hong kong organization and differentiate a suitable project that will bring cost savings and increased profitability.


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